Saturday, 4 June 2011

Is it illegal to change a price tag on stuff at a store?

Is it ? Example . you see something that you like it cost 60.00 but you put a tag for about 14.00 you pay for it then they stopped you at the door before you leave ? Loss prevention... they take your info but let you go .. why is this a crime? its not stealing ? ..this happened in california.. help thanks|||I call it stealing. You took something for a certain amount of money when you knew it cost more. So what you stole was the difference.|||That would be called fraud...

Or more specifically, theft by deception.

Ha, I got a thumbs down but I%26#039;m correct.|||It would be some sort of theft, I%26#039;d say. Because even though you%26#039;re paying for it, instead of taking it, you%26#039;re still not paying the full amount.|||WOW. thats stupid! dont ever change the price tag. and YES its stealing! its stealing 46 dollars from the store!|||Yes. That is considered shoplifting in most states.|||It is absolutely illegal.|||if you switched the tags, or knew it had been done, then yes you are stealing,.....|||Not only is it illegal, but the charge is serious. I hope you get caught and prosecuted if that is what you do. Or maybe you are thinking about it.|||It IS illegal and it IS stealing. The $46 difference represents loss profit to the company. It%26#039;s the same as if you stole an item for the same value. It was fortunate that nothing happened as a result. If it was you don%26#039;t do that again. Next time you may not be so lucky.|||It IS stealing.

It%26#039;s called %26quot;theft by deception%26quot;, and if the store took your info expect a phone call from the police shortly.

Richard|||of course its stealing. ask your mother again - she explained it when you were 3 or 4 years old, maybe you need a refresher.|||Uh yeah it IS stealing my friend.

If you have a car for sale....and you want $500 for it....I hand you a $20 jump in the car and drive off......have I not just stolen your car?.....or is it okay because I gave you something?

It%26#039;s theft by deception and it is a crime and it punishable, and you stealing profit from the store.|||Its not just theft, it can be burglary. If they can prove you entered the store with the intention of commiting a crime, it makes the crime a burglary.

This sucks for you because burglary is a felony. The theft was a misdemeanor.

I%26#039;ve seen it many times.|||That kind of logic will usually land you in jail for a long time.|||Yea, and you know it. It%26#039;s a form of stealing because you are being DISHONEST by removing the price asked for and replacing it with what you want to pay and if you didn%26#039;t know it was wrong why change the price at all?|||Ever heard of a little thing called a camera??? They are all over the stores. Soooo when you or whoever was busy looking busy changing a price tag you were being watched trying to %26quot; look%26quot; busy.|||Used to happen all the time when I worked retail. Sometimes I would just laugh because it was so obvious, and I%26#039;d say: %26quot;Price check%26quot; and they person would be so nervous, and oh big mistake.

So it%26#039;s the policy of the store if they do anything or not, and to what extent and if it%26#039;s on camera, then you could very well be charged.

Because it%26#039;s stealing.|||It most certainly is stealing. It%26#039;s like reaching into the cash register and helping yourself to $46.00 of their money.

Where did you get your moral compass???|||well the thing is..when u go to the register..they will scan the item n it will come up $60...i mean...u tried but didnt goodluck on the next 1 ;-)|||ITS NOT ILLEGAL UNLESS U GET CAUGHT