Saturday, 4 June 2011

Shoplifting at walmart?

My sister was caught changing price tags and paid about 20 on items that were worth 58 dollars. The loss prevention lady stopped her before she got out of the store, and played the tape, and all that stuff. The thing is that my sister used her husband%26#039;s discoun card ( he is a walmart employee but not at that store), and altough he took her to the store, he wasn%26#039;t there when that happened. Now, the loss prevention lady is going to investigate him as well, to see if she has done it before, and she told me she did it several times. I am sure they have all the tapes to prove it. She wasn%26#039;t arrested she got a ticket and she has to go to court in a month, she is also banned from the store, and he husband might lose his job ( he had no idea of what she was doing).

What is going to happen to her? Would they charge her with only the stuff that she stole that day? can walmart charge her a felony if they brign all the other stuff she has stolen before she got caught? She lives in GA.

Note: I had to retype my question because no one understood what I was saying...|||No one messes with Wal-Mart|||My friend got caught shoplifting at walmart and they just made her pay a fine and she was ban from the walmart for a short period of time. He should not get fired as long as he did not play a part in the theft.|||In the state of Ca I know if you steal more than $500.00 worth of stuff it becomes a felony theft charge.

Really who steals from Wal-Mart? Wow, to top it off your friends husband is an employee of this company. She might just have put her husband on the unemployment line. Loss Prevention should be VERY concerned her husband might also be stealing internally. Hey, it happens more then you know! Both can be prosecuted and fined! I wouldn%26#039;t be surprised if Wal-mart had all their evidence on tape. The number of times she%26#039;s shoplifted; they were probably waiting for her to get to the amount that is considered felony theft! She better get herself a good lawyer. Hey it doesn%26#039;t pay to steal. |||I%26#039;ve worked for Wal-Marts Loss Prevention and let me tell you first off your just going to pay the fine and be banned for up to a max of two years. And they can only keep 30 days worth of evidence on them. He can%26#039;t lose his job!|||Walmart is very big on working with law enforcement and prosecuting shoplifters and other thieves. You can bet that on your friends court date there will be a Walmart loss prevention manager in court with the video.

Her husband could very well loose his job over this. It was his discount card, he let her use it, he is responsible for everything done with that card.

You said she got a ticket, you can bet she was told she was under arrest and they gave her the ticket in lieu of taking her to jail and booking her in.

They can go back on the tapes and look for her and follow her by camera through the store on previous visits, yes. If she told the police or Walmart loss prevention officer then you bet they will look the tapes over.

The amount of stuff taken will bear out in the determination if misdemeanor or felony. Misdemeanor could still land her in the county jail for 4-6 months.